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Family law deals with the branch of law pertaining to all matters that are related to family unit or other domestic relations such as surrogacy, domestic partnership, marriage, divorce, child abduction, child neglect, child maintenance, paternity cases, child custody, alimony, division of family property, name changes and any other family matters.

At the office of Troy D. Losh-North, attorney at law, we represent clients involved in family disputes, including divorce and divorce-related matters. We provide legal advice and representation to clients in the following family law matters:

Family law is very different from other branches of law as it involves private matters. Mostly the family lawyers act as mediators and negotiators. The court too acts as a mediator and tries to reconcile members of the family to solve their issues among themselves while preserving their relationship. The law provides a structured process that allows the parties involved to resolve their disputes amicably rather than through costly lengthy litigation process that can go on for years. Modern family lawyers discourage families from going to the court as the court decision can have a win-lose outlook and can take years to solve the issue.

In collaborative family law, mediated by an experienced lawyer, disputes are settled amicably so that everyone wins something. It results in speedy resolution of disputes within the family without going to the court.

Although we're experienced in litigation, we believe that mediation is often the best way to resolve family disputes. Mediation is less time-consuming than litigation since it doesn't involve going to trial, and mediation costs less than litigation. The time and money you save can be better used to take care of your family.

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