Troy D. Losh-North, Personal Injury Lawyer

Your personal injury case doesn't start when you file your claim -- it starts from the moment you are injured. Whether you were involved in a car accident or were bitten by a dog, it's highly advisable to talk to a knowledgeable lawyer who knows how to handle your personal injury claim. Contact our law office in Warrensburg, Missouri, so we can give you a fair assessment of your personal injury claim.

At Troy D. Losh-North, attorney at law, we're dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients in their personal injury matters. Being injured through no fault of your own can put your life on hold and have physical, mental, emotional and financial consequences for you and your family. We're committed to helping you obtain just compensation for the suffering you've had to endure.

Personal injury law has been part of our practice for over 15 years, and we're experienced in litigation as well as in collaborative problem-solving. We can negotiate with the other party if it serves your best interests, but we have no qualms about taking your case to court if there's the need to do so.

Our experience in personal injury law includes representing clients in the following personal injury matters:

When you've suffered a personal injury and need a lawyer to help you get compensation for your injuries, contact Troy D. Losh-North, attorney at law, for a free initial consultation.

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