Holding Dog Owners Accountable For Animal Attack Injuries In West Central Missouri

Dog owners’ responsibilities are governed by “strict liability” — the requirement to keep potentially dangerous animals leashed and restrained from attacking others at private homes, public parks and other venues.

When this legal duty is ignored, an animal attack on defenseless persons can occur. Serious, disfiguring injuries can result. And innocent victims will have rights that must be protected.

Are you a delivery person or postal carrier who was bitten by an angry dog? Are you the parent of a small child who was attacked by a dog on a playground?

The experienced, compassionate Troy D. Losh-North, Attorney at Law, personal injury law firm is here to make things right for you again.

Troy D. Losh-North has used his decades of service and keen client commitment to help injured people just like you, with concerned families just like yours, throughout West Central Missouri. His extensive knowledge of dog owner liability law can work to your benefit.

Mr. Losh-North’s track record of success with dog bite claims are proof of his abilities as an excellent lawyer. He is also an excellent listener. He hears what you have to say about how the animal attack developed. His in-depth investigation uncovers facts he employs in negotiations with a careless animal owner’s insurance company. If the insurer is uncooperative, we will not hesitate to safeguard your interests in a court of law.

Troy D. Losh-North knows what you are up against. He has been to the homes and hospital rooms of many clients whose lives have been changed forever, and not for the better, by an animal attack. He knows how grueling the recovery from this kind of setback can be, from painful rabies shots to the emotional trauma that produces a long-term mistrust of animals everywhere. He uses every weapon in his arsenal to win the maximum financial compensation you deserve for lost wages and medical bills — an outcome containing damages that can also reflect your physical pain and suffering.

Our dedicated legal services and aggressive advocacy are delivered exclusively on a contingency fee basis. You owe no attorney fee unless your case is won. This means you have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain by contacting our Warrensburg law office.

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