Working Hard For Maximum Compensation That Accident Injury Victims Deserve

A severe concussion, closed head injury or spinal cord damage suffered in an accident can have a lasting, devastating impact on the victim and his or her family.

If you or a loved one sustained traumatic brain injury or is paralyzed by a spinal cord injury after a motor vehicle accident or workplace mishap in West Central Missouri, experienced personal injury lawyer Troy D. Losh-North in Warrensburg is ready to help you.

At the Troy D. Losh-North, Attorney at Law, law firm, you and those dear to you receive every benefit of our founder’s command of the law, compassion for your situation and attentive personal service, start to finish.

Many times, victims of catastrophic injury accidents cannot move, let alone work to earn a living and defray medical bills. Troy D. Losh-North’s dedication and determination to achieve justice shine through in every legal service he provides — from his conversation with you during a free initial consultation, to exhaustive investigation of your accident, to intense negotiations with insurers and impressive displays of litigation skills in court if necessary.

Was your head, neck, back or spinal cord injury suffered in a violent collision with a negligent driver of an enormous commercial vehicle such as an 18-wheeler, tractor-trailer or “big rig”? Did a distracted driver’s recklessness cause your accident? Are you permanently disabled due to a motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian accident in a crosswalk?

Head and spinal cord injuries can also prove fatal and become grounds for a wrongful death claim. If you are grieving the devastating loss of a loved one in an accident, you should contact Troy Losh-North right away. You have the right to compensation for the many different kinds of loss that result from these family tragedies.

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