Providing Creative Solutions For Alimony Issues In Your Missouri Divorce

Is your divorce being delayed by differences or misunderstandings regarding alimony responsibilities?

The accomplished, accessible and affordable divorce and family lawyer who can help you is Troy D. Losh-North.

At the office of Troy D. Losh-North, Attorney at Law, we listen to your wishes, support your goals, answer your questions and generally navigate the legal process for you in constructive, non-threatening ways. Our founder strives to remove the atmosphere of intimidation from the legal process. He explains his recommendations for spousal support in terms you can understand.

More Than 25 Years Of Successful Handling Of Divorce Issues For Clients In West Central Missouri

Troy D. Losh-North is highly familiar with the factors that courts examine (length of marriage, earning capacities and others) when determining an appropriate level of spousal support. He listens carefully to your side of the story, “crunches the numbers” for accuracy in alimony payment proposals, and generally safeguards your interests, in and out of court.

Our full-service law firm’s input can be valuable during mediation, negotiation or litigation of any divorce issue, including spousal support; when a modification of alimony obligations is requested or contested, in light of sudden, substantial changes in circumstance; and when a court-ordered enforcement may be needed to compel a party to fulfill financial responsibilities.

You also receive the benefits of Mr. Losh-North’s commitment to personal service. He works with you closely and directly, one-on-one, to devise strategies that reflect your unique needs. His support is intended as a source of strength and comfort for you during a trying time in your life.

Our West Central Missouri family law firm serves clients in Warrensburg, Johnson County and across the state. Learn more about the many ways that Mr. Losh-North’s guidance can make a positive difference in your life — and arrange a free initial consultation — by calling 660-429-1006 or via email.